Chris Jackson

Radio Amateur F5VMR/G4NAB

G4NAB – in the Spinnaker Tower

Having lived in France active as F5VMR for more than 13 years, I will shortly be returning to England and will resume as G4NAB.

Born and bred in Gosport in the south of England, for a long time I was resident there, before a professional career spanning 30 years from 1973 around the county of Hampshire. During that period as a Police officer, about 13 years was spent in the post of a radio controller/dispatcher in various evolutions from Low Band VHF through to Phase-Linked UHF multi repeater systems. This involved direct contact with the public receiving emergency calls, and directing colleagues to intervene in incidents. For the remainder of my service  I was both a patrol officer and port officer at various times, retiring in 2003 from the county control room.

Oh! and Yes! All Lives Matter.

Technician with expertise in:
  • DMR
  • Hot Spots
  • Code Plugs
  • Cavity Filters
  • Duplexers
  • SVXLink
  • Repeater Builds
  • Linux
  • Diplexers

#g4nab #f5vmr

Spammers will be hunted down.

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