Talk Groups for DMR

Researched from BrandMeister and DMR+!

This list does not include the 6 digit repeater IDs that can become Talk Groups for the users of a repeater who are not within the coverage of the repeater. The list may also not be complete as Talk Groups can be added and removed that are not visually enabled.

Nor does it contain the 6 digit contact numbers for GPS data. These are normally 204999, 208999, 270999 or 235(4)999 (soon) in Europe and 310999 in the US, and installed as Private Calls.

Simply download this file into excel or similar and export the first four columns as a .csv. Then import that file into contacts in N0GSGs DMR Manager when you have your code plug loaded, and you will never need to search for a talk group again. If you need to add further talk groups then do so, I’m not going to chase you. You can name them differently if you choose to do so.


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