Today on DMR…. Where’s the activity.

There are significant number of folk on DMR but so very little activity. It is a bit reminiscent of the first days of EchoLink, with several hundreds of registered users, but no-one activating their links.

I remember going through the list on EchoLink one day and calling successive stations in the list and receiving absolutely no response.

Here is the dashboard of hot-spot users currently on IPSC2-Phoenix-F and you can see the enormous amount of activity as the panel lights up with voluminous QSO’s.

Here is the dashboard of IPSC2-Phoenix-E repeaters, in case you thought the other one was not interesting enough.

If you haven’t got the idea yet, I think you will after about 10 minutes of watching those links.

I’m not picking on Phoenix but there isn’t a comparable dashboard on BrandMeister, without making a search pattern in the BrandMeister web page on the “hotspots” or “repeaters” shortcut, or selecting a published Repeater Dashboard such as mine, but you’ll soon grasp the same notion.

The technology is great, but once you’ve got it there is little else you can do with it except talk, so why isn’t there more activity.

The significant numbers of repeaters, analogue and digital, bare witness to the same semblance of a desert. SO many repeaters, SO little activity. I monitor my own repeater dashboard, and see page-fulls of call-signs scroll by with barely a splutter on the radio, so what are you guys doing? There are some stations that still do not understand their own hotspots, and have set up the beacon to the net so that every few minutes, there is an ugly burp with 30% loss. I could name those callsigns but it would be unfair. You only have to watch the repeater dashboard for 30 minutes and you too will know them.

If you want to check your own audio or your own connection, then do so using 9990, or if it’s an open spot then check your instruction manual and do it locally. If you call on the air for a test call, then have a proper call and don’t say that you were just testing – There’s no point to you having a radio or a hotspot, otherwise.

So if you have a radio and/or a hotspot, then check in, get a contact, get to know your DMR capabilities, and learn to communicate properly, for that is the purpose of obtaining your licence.


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Radio Amateur and Professional radio operator and IT professional for 40 years so don't say I know little of what I say.

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