Today on DMR…. Reflector Problems?

Over the last few days I’ve been aware of a difficulty that a lot of people seems to be having with connectivity with each other. I cannot explain it adequately but it is as if reflectors have parted company with their associated talk groups in some way. More noticeable on IPSC2-Phoenix-E but also sometimes on BrandMeister.

Those amateurs who are still communicating with a single talkgroup TG9 and relying on the reflectors to make the connection to the real TG in action are finding that they can hear only their fellow users on reflectors, and not always those folk who are on the talkgroups direct.

Reflector 4400 still seems blocked to certain devices trying to connect to TG235 due to alleged abuse, according to the DMR-phoenix pages. But that doesn’t solve the problem TG80-Reflector 4401 scenario where I have been talking with another user direct on the TG81 and although I have heard another person connected via a reflector, he hasn’t heard me. I suspect it’s like this.

Person A activates TG81 on his repeater and I activate TG81 on my hotspot and we can talk together. Person B calls in on Reflector 4402 on TG9 slot 2 on his repeater and cannot hear me but can hear person A. I can hear Person B. When person B goes to TG81 directly he can hear me, as he dynamically activates the Talkgroup on his repeater. I know it’s not my problem, but who has a handle on it?

The IPSC2-PHOENIX-E dashboard shows the uniformity of DMR+ repeaters across the UK, with a single fixed talkgroup 235 and the rest supposedly dynamic, although I have noted that TG1 worldwide has shown active across the board at times.

Anyway back to my query. On a number of occasions I have tried to join a conversation on these talkgroups, like TG810 or TG810, when I have seen people on the dashboard apparently activating them via a reflector and found either that they ignore me or more likely cannot hear me.

This still occurs on BrandMeister, which is more difficult as most of the repeaters are reflector dependent. I have written enough of my views of this connectivity, but to the point of hearing across to the real talkgroups, the problem had not been so apparent recently. But knowing about it can alleviate distress if it occurs again.


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