Today on DMR…. Phoenix-Why?

Having now the capability of traffic on IPSC 2 Phoenix UK, it makes sense to me as an English ex pat to connect to, and to participate thereon. So I sought an answer to my question as why some folk on reflectors couldn’t hear me and those on talkgroups could; as I use talkgroups I didn’t consider that I was the problem.

So the answer appears to be that while I can use talkgroups on the network, my DMR ID is said to be filtered out in the reflector software between IPSC2-Phoenix-E and IPSC2-Phoenix-F. Just to explain this a little deeper, the F server is where we connect our hotspots and the E server where the repeaters are connected. Why my “Foreign” ID is filtered out through the reflectors is incomprehensible (and reprehensible), as I can use the TalkGroups 235,80,81,82 etc and successfully appear on the repeaters on Server E. It seems that reflector users are penalised from communicating with my good self. (I wonder if this was ever enacted on BrandMeister?) However I have noted a delay between me pushing the PTT and my appearance on the dashboard – I hadn’t considered that.

Second on my spot list today is the recently moved DV-Scotland group and why you can’t see them on the IPSC2-phoenix-E link I posted?

It’s because the DMR+Phoenix people had hidden them then on a separate dashboard, here DV-SCOTLAND.

I notice here that some English Callsigns have also found themselves here, whether by choice or by error who knows, but shows a lack of uniformity on DMR+.

Finally the North East England group. A few members of the DMR community have chosen to join the TGIF network – Thank God It’s Friday. Those people with PiStar who are experienced enough can find this network in their MMDVM configuration page near the top of the network list. The talkgroups are not standard and can be found on the TGIF support page. Search TGIF network on Google. It is already enough for me that the DMR World is divided, without looking for splinter groups, so if you want to go there it’s your decision.

73 Chris F5VMR and G4NAB.

Do you detect an angry tone my writing today? You may well ask. But I’m not going to share.


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Radio Amateur and Professional radio operator and IT professional for 40 years so don't say I know little of what I say.

2 thoughts on “Today on DMR…. Phoenix-Why?”

  1. The DV Scotland is an independent DMR+ server – Phoenix does not own/run the DMR+ IPSC2 servers in the UK. DMR+ IPSC2 Phoenix F was setup for UK hotpspot users to link via reflectors to UK talk groups on Phoenix E – this was a request from UK users as well as the request to prevent foreign users access [as the links are to UK TG’s]. This was not intended to allow global access. Different DMR networks run the systems in different ways.


    1. Again you missed the point. On the IPSC2-Phoenix-E server add can clearly see the repeaters including the Aberdeen repeater, but the rest of the Scottish Repeaters appear on a different dashboard along with some English and Scottish hotspot users, where the rest of the hotspot users are found on the IPSC2-Phoenix-F dashboard. It seemed just a little odd. As for my access to the network it seems I can by using my UK ID, while verbalising my French call, even though my hotspot is displaying my French call. I can use all the talkgroups on slot 1 including 235, 80-84, but even my UK ID cannot access the regional 800 groups, when I have to revert to using a reflector. As G4NAB I’m hardly a foreign user. My further remarks had nothing to do with radio but the debacle affecting Europe and the UK, about which I shall make no further comment, other than to say whilst I have to pay my income tax to the UK, I no longer have a right to vote there.


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