Today on DMR…. BrandMeister Self-care

Those of you that have habitually used BrandMeister as the preferred network, should consider creating an account in order to monitor the traffic that you perform via the various repeaters, hotspots etc.

The BrandMeister Dashboard is a veritable mine of useful information

It is particularly important as in probably several instances, folk have found themselves apparently blocked from the network and have blamed the network, where in fact a setting in self-care has been set accidentally.

Self-care is a necessity for the hotspot or repeater sysop to verify that their settings are indeed correct. In that way you can check that your PiStar has done what it supposedly has said it did.

Activation of your self -care account takes up to 48 hours, but once set it remains for you to add your own parameters. To add your repeaters is an additional request, but your hotspots add themselves according to your own ID.

An important function of the self-care is the profile administration, where you can add a BM-API key made there, to the Configuration/expert/BM-API menu on the PiStar. Thus giving you complete control over your talkgroups or reflector as you need.

The link is:

You can’t break it so play with it until you become comfortable. Make use of the search box by insert part-callsigns, part-DMR ID’s, repeaters etc. Then you might begin to understand more about DMR.

I’m not going to go into detail on the how’s and why’s or wherefore’s, as that is the domain of “Self Training” that is the basis of Amateur Radio. But if you have any questions about this subject or any other, then please ask.


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