Today on DMR…. Watching on BrandMeister

With the Independent Project of Hoseline faltering at times, it is not easy to say “listening” on BrandMeister other than on whichever node to which you connect. But it is interesting to “watch” the activity over the network as it occurs.

The IPSC2-Phoenix-E server is easy to watch on a browser but you have to shrink the size to fit a whole page.

Now Watching on BrandMeister is a little more difficult but thanks to Norman M6NBP I have mastered the various ways in which you can.

Go to any BrandMeister page and select the Last Heard button on the left. The resulting display shows the vast number of activations that take place across the whole network. We need to filter these just a bit, so for the moment click on the pause icon before you get dizzy.

You will see on the far right hand side of the search bar a little “+”, which you click on.

This opens up a bar:

We are creating a rule, so click on +Add rule.

A new search parameter box opens where we can click on the drop-box arrow.

We will select Destination ID as we want to see what’s going on on Talk Group 2350.

Now this is not all inclusive as some users are using TG9 on slot 2 to access 4400 Reflector. So we need to add some parameters. But we need to make the search an “OR” search as no one uses TG2350 AND Reflector 4400.

Now click on Search if the search has not already begun and you will see all activity relating to Talk Group 2350 whether or not iit is direct or via the Reflector 4400. You should see around the last 40 minutes or so of activity.

Finally you can watch more than one talk group or reflector. This is me watching TG235 as well as the search above.

In this case the second search is a “Group Search” and is an “AND” as I want to display the results of both Groups. I could see all the activity pertinent to my search over the last 37 Minutes.

Have fun playing with your searches.

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