Today on DMR…. More observations.

Using the Search parameters on BrandMeister on Last Heard, it is interesting to change the search patterns to see who is on in a particular area, or who is using what equipment.

I still find it strange that many people in the UK running MMDVM hotspots haven’t configured them away from reflectors and are still using just TG9 in their radios, instead of running a full codeplug, which is so much more manageable.

There are still many people running the DV4mini on the older software despite all the publicity surround the new MMDVM-style software. One station G7HID, despite attempts at calling him, never seems to be listening but has left his DV4mini permanently connected on TG9 via Reflector 4400 to TG2350. The old software causes the device to beacon to the network (not to RF), but creates a burp on all other repeaters connected, and shows on the dashboards a 30% loss. If anyone knows him, could you please make him aware.

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